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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Being noob working lady

So, I am now a working lady. Sounds old. WORKING and LADY some more. I missed the old times being university student and having fun all the way in everything. Sigh, old me.

Started my first day at Tawakkal Hospital last Monday, 20th June 2011. Remember the date please so everybody will please me with annually gift as a working lady every year. Haha. Boo.

I waking up that morning, wearing all new uniform's set and felt nervous towards everything! Colleagues, work, attire and everything, you name it.

But still, I have so kind-hearted people by my side who still love me the way I am. Mama texted me early in the morning and telling all of sadness messages. I almost cried! But thinking of make up that I have put, so let the tears remain in heart. :p

Papa, my lovable man on Earth. He texted me with a lot of useful advices. My uncle, aunty, friends, sisters and the rest were very nice too, wishing me good luck and all. I felt appreciated and flattered! Duh! Haha.

I'm grateful to Allah, He sends me these beautiful-inside-out people around me. Allah let me breath in those fresh, healthy environment with secure and warm relationship with others. I thank God for that.

My first day went great. Everybody was so nice to me, they were funny and warm in person. I fell in love with my new work environment where everybody seemed enjoying their works and having fun in helping patients. I love that!

I hope Allah bless me and leads me to the right path. Amin. Alhamdulillah.

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  1. working as a permanent ke? wow! :D gud luck buddy <3