Alya Qistina

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Of 22nd anniversary and promises

Warning: This is a so called romantic-annoying post. I'm afraid you will vomit. Thank you. :)

Ameerul and I just had our 22th month anniversary celebration. Yes, if you notice that we'd actually celebrate it by month. Yeah don't tell me how lame we are, leave us alone! Haha.

Talking about him took me to our late night conversation one day. I told him, "I can feel that someday you will get bored with me, you won't be anymore excited to date me. What if you find me no longer attractive and will you go for someone else?"

As expected, he asked me back. "What are you talking about?"

He didn't answered. I thought he would say something like, "No, I won't never be attracted to any other girls. There's no more attractive girls in the world expect you!" HAHA.

So I said, "I'm talking about future. It's a fact".

He replied, "No I won't. Trust me. I'm so enough with only you. I don't want anybody else. You know, taking care of you alone is so enough for me. You're naughty and stubborn. How can I have any other girl when I have you. Listen, I want you. I can see our future together."

This is the answer that I want!

Then I said, "One day, if you ever feel that you don't love me anymore, remember how hard it is for us to stay in this relationship. Remember how tough we fight for this love with the people who against us, with those who don't really like the idea of you dating me. Remember how we'd willing to go through those hard time when we need to separate by distance. And how much you cry for me. Hehe."

Then he suddenly went into silence. I don't know what had happened.

Then he said, "Yes sayang. Sure. I'll always remember that, even when we're just having a little fight.

And I think we'd better end this conversation before I cry.



  1. shit.! i'm crying reading both of you punya conversations. benci!

    i pray for both of you to live hapily ever after. kawin cepat!! kawin cepat.