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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pretty pretty wow

This entry is special made for this girl above, Nurafiqah. Because she kept telling me to write a blog post bout her. She's the only wacky friend that I have. But still, the one that I love so much.

Her birthday fell on last hmm 2 weeks and now I only have a time to update about it. I've been busy, I hope she will understand. But still, I should be ready for some nags. Haha.

And at that particular time, she was in KL! So Ibtisam and I took her for a dinner.

Some dramas were included.

Me and Ibtisam.

And her fruit juice that made her diarrhea after that night. Poor little girl.

I was working evening shift at that time, so after I came back at 9 pm, Ibtisam took me out from Tawakkal. See, I'm too love in Tawakkal and I was wearing the uniform without feeling even slight embarrassing. Sigh.

Happy birthday Ficha. You know how much you mean to me. I love yaaa!

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  1. i love you more! damn damn and damn loving you kecikk ^-^