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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Of a Palazzo Pant

I saw this on the online shop and I bought it.

Because I found this unique and cute. Not because I wanna be one of those unique fashion crimes, but please, sometimes we have to give people a try. Why don't we?

Though I had no idea what to match this pant with, what handbag should I paired it with, but I was still happy and stupidly felt so nervous waiting it to arrive from the day I bought it.

Since I was staying at UiTM hostel during my visit to Penang, so everytime I wanna go out, I should met a lot of UiTM students but I kept pretending as if I was still a student there. No one recognized me. But when I wore this pant, why was everybody kept staring at me?! As though I didn't wore anything!

And Ameerul said, " You walk far far away from me lah okay". This man's crazy!

Shushy said, " Oh wow, you actually wear that pant "

Shushy's guy friend said, " Qis, that pant. Haha. What's UiTM students said? Hahaha".

Seriously, you guys.

But I love it. Who cares? :)

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