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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ultrasound check

I had a mammogram appointment last month and I was so concerned about my health and this wasn't my first time doing breast check.

Call me health psychotic but honestly I was detected with 2 lumps on mine. Gosh, I should be worry, am I?

Since it wasn't new to me, so I may be less worry about it. I have been diagnosed about this since last 2 years where my lumps were getting bigger and sometimes it hurt.

But when the doctor said, I was too young for mammogram test, (I'm only 22, so mammogram will be a little bit dangerous to me), so they changed it to ultrasound test. Pheww. I was allllll thankful. Ultrasound was much more exciting and a lot less painful. And a bit ticklish.

I chortled a lot during the test.


Seriously, you can't bring me anywhere or else you'll end up regret with embarrassment. Hihi.

But good news, everybody. The result was out and I'm all breast cancer-free! Or even the symptoms. Alhamdulillah.

But since I was detected with lumps (and now I still have it), so I keep doing the manual breast checking all the time.

Girls, this is serious. Taking care of your own health is important. Learn how to do self-checking. Remember, beautiful isn't only about physical appearance but mentally and health too. :)

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