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Monday, February 13, 2012

Book worm

Things have changed so much. You know what's Ameerul new hobby? Reading. Oh my God, for real?

He even brought his lecture notes when dating me. I was so embarrassed. I mean, how that pieces of papers could be more attractive than me? Hehe. He told me something like, " This is for future. You don't want to eat sand, don't you?" Yeah right, right.

And guess where we went?

Book store, for God sake.

See, even made this book store as his own place. He spent more than one hour choosing out what's the best book to buy. So I said, " Buy all that you want. If you find that you don't like it, then sell it."

He didn't listened. He didn't care. He's just biting his thumb finger reading the back of the book and ignored me. What should I feel now? Unwanted?

He asked me to hold his potential-interesting-to-buy books, and out of my kindness I secretly took some books that I like. Sophie Kinsellla, who could deny?

I've done with all shopaholic series except this one Mini Shopaholic. Last time, when I was on my way to MPH, my friend Shushy called me and said, "Don't go buy that Mini Shopaholic, you'll end up regret. Please, don't buy it". She said it half begging. I know right, she wanted to buy me that book as a surprise. So I didn't buy. And I feel so happy that I knew I would get that book. But later that I found there's no more surprise for me, because she didn't had a time to go out and buy. She just said that!

Oh God, seriously. Giving other people some hopes is cruel.

But Ameerul bought me another book, Very Valentine. Thank you but I didn't have such chance to read it again.

Happy face he made after buying those books. Win.

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