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Monday, February 6, 2012

First Night

I was scheduled to work on night shift on last 4th February. My really very first night at Tawakkal Hospital. It was a scary experience when you need to stay up the whole night (where you usually sleep at night) and what's worse is you need to work. I mean, we used to stay up late at night but we did it for fun, am I right? We go lepak with friends, surfing the internet, doing assignments while eating and listening to our fav songs. But now, tell me how am I going to do this?

So I thought I'd prepared enough...

I brought these. My fluffy pillow, haha. Boring novel (so I will feel sleepy and go sleep). Nasi that I ate at 3 am, packets of 3 in 1 coffee. I was all caffeinated all night long and since I'm not a coffee person, it left me such bad effects. I suffered from the shortness of breath for the whole night and my hands shivered non stop. My first night went all wrong. -__-

I swear to not take coffee again.

Logically, patients don't really come to the hospital at night except for emergency cases. So, while waiting for the medications top up from wards and patients to come, I'd went on Facebook and tell everybody how nervous was I to work on night shift for the first time. And suddenly I received a text message,

"It's not good to go online while you're working" - Obviously by my dad! -___-

Kak Hajar cut her nails while waiting for the patients. Maybe I should try manicure on my next night shift! Hehehe.

And I played Zombies vs Plant to help myself from fell asleep.

And some series of pictures of me and Kak Hajar.

Now you can tell me, how cool night shift is. Except when it leaves you this bump face!

At 3 am. -___-

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