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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When sotong and kangkung mixed

Somebody advises me to never take Vitamin C containing food together with seafood. Because it will produce some reactions that can cause you bleeding inside. A serious case was reported that the blood didn't stop flowing from the patient's ears! I can't imagine how it happened. So start from that, I'd always note what I'm taking.

Like, this is chicken and I eat this with sayur kangkung, so okay, pass. And like, this is fish and I'm taking it with mixed vegetables, okay pass.

I'm in trauma, am I? Haha.

Last time when I was in Penang, I could tell you how much I loved eating Sotong Kangkung. It's basically a mix of sotong (seafood) and kangkung (vegetable with the slight Vitamin C only) and they pour yummy sauce onto it. Obviously, pass with high mark!.

And I went Penang the other day, there's no way for me to miss this!


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