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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Old old friends

Guess what, I've got the least duit raya among all! They thought I was a big girl, working now and had my own money. I felt like pasting a piece of paper on my forehead saying, "I'd resigned and I need donation" as thought they would give me a bunch of money then. 

So I convinced myself, raya wasn't only about money and let's not put money as the main priority hihi. 

2nd Syawal. Well, I spent most of my time at home - people kept coming to my house and my aunt held a BBQ session at her house and she lives nearby to my house - less than 100m to mine, but still being the last one to arrive. Too mainstream!

I was at Syad's place after that and suddenly I got a phone call from Nadya, my very ex elementary schoolmate. Guys, a very long long friendship ever. Nadya told me she was at my place with the other friends. I was like, friends? Do I have any other elementary school friends beside her and 2 to 3 more than I knew? Questionable friends.

So I drove back to my house and some nags across me, "Macam mana ni? Tetamu tunggu tuan rumah?" - In front of my 'questionable friends'.

Guyssss! They were my elementary school classmates that I didn't meet them for almost 12 years! And no, we didn't recognize each other! It was Nadya who dragged them here. Haha. It was like a small reunion and I needed ice-breaking session. So we started to introduce ourselves and some updates about us now.

We are old now.

"Qis, you are still the shortest!"

I know.  -___-

A part of my family members. My mom's family is really huge. I wonder if we are all together, I can't imagine how many we are and in a picture, I know that my face must be really small and un-spotted! Haha.

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