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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm home

On my way to Kelantan 2 days ago. I received a text message from my Shushy.

Shushy: Welcome home, best friend! :)

Qissy: Not yet. Am waiting for the bus. Janji malay ever.

Shushy: I can't wait to see you.

Qissy: Me too. Sad leaving Cikna. We both cry.

Shushy: Hahaha. Yes you should. And hugging Paksu too?

Qissy: Paksu's not here. I'm crying now.

Shushy: Hoiii! You're not going to Egypt yet.

Qissy: Practice makes perfect. How's your relationship?

Shusy: I'm gonna save the story for the pillow talk!

Qissy: K c u. I continue cry now. Ttyl.

Shushy: Pathetic! Tc.

Old picture btw. Just wanna show you guys how weird she was.

Obviously, I'm in Kelantan now! Welcome home, baby! :)

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