Alya Qistina

Monday, July 18, 2011

Daddy and his girl's conversation.

Daughter: Papa, may I go hiking this weekend?

Dad: Where?

Daughter: Broga Hill.

Dad: With who?

Daughter: Ameerul and friends.

Dad: Kakak, please, don't disturb Ameerul, let him be in Penang, studying. Don't ask him to go back to home every weekend just to meet you. Pity him.

Daughter: Dad, he's now having his mid sem holiday.

Dad: Oh, hahaha. Okay just go. Take a good care of yourself. Remember to always keep your relationship in a good way. Be nice to Ameerul, don't ever cheat over him. Jaga hati dia.

Daughter: (Now what? Am I his child or him?)

HAHA. Funny, that man loves me, I know. And I love him too, or even more.


  1. waahh! bes³. broga plak.. g la pulau plak, huu..

  2. whoa best woo gi broga, nak gi jgk! hihi

  3. dah dapat blessing lah tu. ehem2. ;p