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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pictures' story

Saw the old pictures of ours. I have a main folder in my lappy entitled "Ameerul Ashraf" contented with all our pictures from our first date and until the last time that we met each other, that was on our recent dating last month. 

I would name the folder as, "place, date" so it would be easier for me to refer them back, you know I actually have this sort of investigator/lawyer attitude, like, "Do you remember when was our first date?" or "Our last date in Penang, you're wearing a black shirt, you know why?" or "Do not wear again the shirt that you wore when we went to Broga Hill, understand?", that he'll left speechless cause he absolutely has no idea about.

(Cause he's a man, I know)

Haaa, I know, now you're scared of me too. Haha. 

Okay, amendment. *cough cough *

I actually see every pictures with emotions. One minute I could laugh when the pictures weren't that funny and the next minute I could shed tears at the next pictures appeared. Cause that's when I can recall our memories back. I swear, we had a picture of me crying that he snapped after some fight. 

(No way, I won't reveal that-thickest-eye bags-with-red-nose-some-more picture even until the technologies would forever disappear from the earth)

One year ago.

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