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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Syawal 2013 story

I'd done with my Ramadhan pretty well. My most productive Ramadhan so far. Productive in terms of never failed to wake up for sahur (that happened when I was fasting in mom's place), breaking fast on time (absolutely), terawikh and done with half part of Quran (yeaaa should be more). Alhamdulillah, still. At least, Allah has given me a strength and I'd managed to make most of it, especially with my family. 

Coming to Syawal, exciting part yeahhh. Especially on raya outfit one. Sigh. My bad. I actually have this habit of scrolling on fashion sites (Hatta Dolmat, Jovian Mandagie, FashionValet, etc etc) but never gonna buy anything from them, cause apparently the petite me finds it so hard to get the outfits that will suits me well. So I love taking some inspirational from them, and adding some extra imaginational design on that. 

That turned out to be like this...

Leopard print bottom and a plain mini kurung with gold roses lace. And it took me 2 days long to just sew the lace on. Slowpoke me. Well, you can add beads on the sewn lace if you like, I thought of doing so with few red/gold/yellow beads, but pleaseeee, 2 days was enough. My life wasn't only revolve around that bloody piece of kurung haha.

Wait, sweetest picture ever.

Ameerul and his mom.

I love the idea of having the lace of the scarf also. Like the one that Ameerul's mom has. Attractive and classy. 

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