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Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer effects

I'd never know summer would be this cruel. Few days before we departed to Istanbul, I started to feel itchy on my face and few pimples grew. So I thought, yeaa must be due to my upcoming period.

 It was silly when we're in Istanbul, a few more pimples started to conquer my face. Goddd, what now? PMS was never this bad, I thought. Plus, this wasn't even near to my due yet.

Hormones, maybe.

Wait, hormonal changes of what?

Of weather u mean?

Another pimples grew.
Sunburn got severe.

My face was at its worst. It's like my face was being a site where the workers were doing a construction at, the place that they built up building, burning and digging. It hurts! I stared to my reflection in the mirror and counted as much pimples as I had. One, two, three... ten. Wait, were the scars included? Okay, countless then.

No one knew there's a scary line behind the scarf. The line that separated my sun-exposed skin area which was super burn, scary and moon-crater like one. The other line was the safe one, protected from sunburn and that was the area that I missed the most. 

It was like "before-after" skin ads on TV and I'd got them both on mine. The burned area would take "after", of course. 

I lost my mind. My skin was never as this worst. It wasn't me!

I lost my confidence that I changed my 4 entire outfits just to go out dating with Ameerul. Not a single picture that I took. Not even one scarf now that would go matching with me. Not even a single blouse that suited me anymore. Contact lenses didn't help! 

As Ameerul said, "Oh noo you're darker now. Serve you right. Haha". Reverse psychology u mean? Not my game!

I wailed like a panicked woman who just recently lost her son. Tried on my mom's skincare, my lil sister's masker, my aunt's foundation. Moisturizer after moisturizer. One cleanser after another one.

4-seasons country wasn't for me. Haha. Malaysia's khatulistiwa is the best.

Well, having scars and pimples wasn't that scary as death. It's just that we are not that adaptable to the situation yet and definitely it will freak us out. Experiences, babe. Now I know how to handle it. Bring it on, SUMMER! Hahaha.

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