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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy 23rd birthday

Birthday shout out to Ameerul Ashraf who is currently turning 23 years old this year! Hoooray! 

So a very happy birthday to the best man ever and I wish you a great life ahead, get good grades, get a cool job and get married to only one girl (for the rest of your life).

We went out a day before his birthday and when we're in a car I suddenly heard someone sighed heavily, I turned to him. He said, "This is the worst date ever" and got me replied like, "What?!"

He said, "Nothing"



Pfftt. Why do you always think that I'm deaf? I heard what you were saying, clearly. My "What" actually meant "WHAT WERE YOU SAYING? WORST DATE? SO SEEING ME IS THE WORST THING THAT YOU'VE EVER DID?" but I played it cool (read: afraid).

He said, "You didn't remember my birthday"

God, I swear I remembered it. 19 September, 19 September, 19 September. In my whole life, 19 September is way more important that any other public holidays including Hari Raya and some sort but I was a sad girlfriend that I actually forgot that "tomorrow" was 19 September. 

Aaaaaa. I thought of jumping out of a car.

So I said, "O Lord, I've always remembered your birthday. I knew it's your birthday tomorrow and it's only 11 pm now right. Well, not even close to 11 pm. You're impatient I guess. No ones forget your birthday. And I don't wanna rush".

I continued, "In fact, I've already planned it with your friends. Long ago when I was still in Egypt. We wanted to make you a surprise. Now you're acting this way, you make me feel guilty. I feel like a real bad girlfriend, forever and ever".

I don't know if he was being too emotional or I was too nervous so I spilled out all the secrets.

Hell no you'd got the chance to fix the situation now.

He sent me to my doorstep and I wish him for birthday.

Guess what, I surprised him the next day! I went to his place (big thanks to Hasnan and Iqbal for fetching me) and had a small dinner with him and his friends. 

Funny that I had to hide inside Hasnan's car so he can't see me and only went out when we reached the restaurant. He's so surprised that he can only talked to me 5 minutes after that. 

I always wanna play like a cool girlfriend so I said, "I'm here just to check out if you're celebrating your birthday with the other girls"

Forever a queen control I am. Hahaha.

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