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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

More romantic

Another Doll just tied the knot! Hayati or we call her Mc Ah get married to her decades boyfriend. Not sure how long exactly their relationship was. But it was so damn long, I swear. Her husband was my ex elementary school colleague.

A night after the solemnization, our Whatsapp group was flooded with silly messages from everyone who trying to disturb the newlyweds. I must admit, they were dirty messages. Euww, I mean, I still consider myself as a teenager and the rest of Dolls (aunties they are) were so cracked. Hahaha plus Syad and Nynaa are wives.

And newlyweds sent us few pictures of them eating a dinner at Cameron Highland and one more picture of a lappy lying on the bed. With the caption, "We are now watching a movie thru a lappy in our hotel room"

And the rest of Dolls were like, "Omg so sweet" and "I can't wait" and "How I wish I could do the same too" and "I want!!" things like that, including the so-called teenager me. Hahaha.

It was perfect, isn't it?

That's definitely like what I've dreamed of. Just little things that actually mean a lot.


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