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Saturday, May 31, 2014

More "Dear Future Me"

I suddenly remember that I used to write this entry. "Dear Future Me" entry that I wrote 3 years ago. And I reread it again. My life in 2011 was much less like what I'm in now. The past me and the present me are students. We are still addicted to shopping. We are still dating with the same guy.

Few differences of course, I'm doing a degree now. Degree in Pharmacy. Oh Lord, the one that I used to be crazy of. The one that I wailed about so much.

It was fun seeing how was I progressing. And kind of teary up reading how much I hoped for a better future. Ahhh yes, I'm becoming a little bit more sensitive now, my hormones are mature I guess - that would be another difference than the old me haha.

Hormones - another story. I like being an adult. I mean, when I was a little girl, I didn't grow up watching Sailormoon or Powerpuff Girls or any cartoons because I had no interest in them. I tried to watch them so I could join my classmates talking about how powerful those girls were, but I ended up switching the channel haha.

I was more like these - I adore Dian Sastrowardoyo so I kept my hair long just like her. I was amazed seeing how the ladies in the movies were able to have such wonderful wardrobe. I started to have a full facial set when I was 12 - my dad was afraid if my skin couldn't tolerate them, but I bought them secretly. I read teenager's magazines (Remaja, Marie Claire, Female), I wanted to wear what Puteri (Fazura in Gol&Gincu) wore (omg I was so much spoiled). I bought a slimming lotion when I was 14 - mom scolded and start to force feeding me hahaha. I decorated my room with fresh plants - things that my classmates would say, "Omg, you're like my mum". So basically growing up was the most thing that I was looking forward. Hahaha.

So being an adult, am I satisfied now? Hahaha. I really feel like an adult now. I've got pains from period, worry about money, getting headache about study, problems after problems. I was seeing these a lot in the movies when I was a kid, so no surprise but now it's real. So.. let's just face it.

Basically it's all about growing up. I will continue to grow up (or it's aging?) and there's so much more things waiting for me in the future.

Graduation. Job. Wedding. Marriage. Family. Kids.

And I know they will be a lot tougher than now. Imagine, how is it would be getting a period pain during an important meeting at work and getting a call from a nanny informing about my little baby is catching a cold? *faints*


So let's just live our present life beautifully and make sure our future will be proud of it.

And I thought of doing another "Dear Future Me". 

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  1. Just felt like reading your entries after sooooooooooo long not visitting your blog, last time was after the fake fb account incident (haha, what a joke!). Great to hear you're doing well. I could write on your latest entry, but this one struck me most. Dulu, aku buat benda yang sama juga, a version of your 'Dear future me', but I wrote mine on my phone as a reminder on a certain date, usually set to notify me a year or two or three from the date I wrote it. So kadang2 terkejut la tiba2 dapat mesej, sometimes tgh mlm (pasal time tulis benda tu setahun or dua or tiga yg lepas tulis time tgh mlm), and it never cease to amaze me how the past me is still the same as present me or sometimes the past me is so different from what I am today. But that was in the past, and I've long stopped writing reminders for future me. Think I should pick up the habit again. Oh, and Qis, good luck on your future endeavours. You can do it. Kau hebat kan, biarpun mini, hehehe