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Friday, June 20, 2014

King of Heart

Ameerul whatsapp-ed me: I have a good news and a bad news. Good news is I've just got my car repaired. And bad news is I wished 'Happy Father's Days' to your dad, all that he responded was, "Hmmmmmmmmm.Tq".

HAHAHAHA. I laughed. Not because he didn't get any good response, but I thought I might totally understand his situation. I sometimes get the same responses as well, even worse he didn't reply to my whatsapps too. Or sometimes, my dad became totally hyperactive he kept sending me his selfies. Don't know what he has ate. Hahaha.

But I came to a conclusion that, my dad isn't ready to let me go. When Ameerul wished him so, he might feel the pressure that the fact of letting me go off to the hand of another man has really come closer. I can feel he's still seeing us sibling as his babies. When I baked some pavlova, he praised me too much as thought I was winning Nobel Prize things or something. (That's usually happen to most of new parents who are excited just after discover their kids can start walking).

My dad is a type that express his feelings. When he really loves you, he can kiss you even at the night market in front of pakcik murtabak. When he gets mad, he stares at you as if his sight can penetrate the house walls. 

After all, he's the one that I really adore. I wanna raise my kids just as he does to us. 

He wants us to understand him, as much as he understands us. He will ask us about our opinion or experience on something, I mean, he's practising discussion in our family. Yet, he still has his own rules. That he can be so strict and scary also. 

My opinions are always deniable hahaha you can tell, I'm rebellious. 

But I still own a special place in his heart. :)

I remember to get my first facial care set gift, it was from him when I was 12.

I remember he snuck up to my school camping, making a plot with my teacher, just to see if I was doing well. Duh. Haha.

I remember when I was staying in a boarding school, dad never failed to pay a visit once a week. (Plus, it was only 30 minutes away from home zzz). And smuggled me for few hours going to a shopping mall hahaha.

I remember having a high fever on our trip to Kedah, he stayed besides my bed, holding my hand all night long, sometimes kissed my hand worried if I was doing well.

I remember he complaint about me having hairs on my leg. It's not pretty, he said.

 I remember when he was working in KL as remisier (he graduated in Business Admin from UKM), he tagged me along to his office, proudly announcing me as his favourite daughter, having lunch just us two at KL Tower. Sweet wasn't it?

Then he was working as a contractor, he chose me out of all siblings to help him with his work. 

**(My dad is now taking over a wholesales/grocery shop from his late father, sacrificed his glorious job for the sake of his family since he's the younger child - his decision that I respect the most)  :') 

I remember getting a long advise from him, on why I should not be dependent to my future husband. I should gather my own assets, he said. Also, forget my intention on buying VW New Beetle because pharmacist doesn't getting millions in a month. Spend money on more important things, he said.

Also I remember getting caught by him when I was having a date with my ex boyfriend, he got really mad and lecturing me 30 minutes straight, barely having a pause. Hahaha. 


And now he continues to be doing so.

Wonder how he will react to my children hehehe. 

Must be really exciting.

After all, he's the King of my Heart.

Daddy, I know it's not easy raising me. You have had enough patience taking care of me; from changing my diapers to keep sending me allowance money every months now haha), but one thing that I promise you, I definitely will make you proud of me. :)



**Sorry for blurred pictures, these were taken using old phone camera long time ago. Hahaha.

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