Alya Qistina

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Future Me,

This is inspired by

Dear Future Me,

Hi Angel. I'm the past you and I'm writing to you from the past 5 years. By the time you get this letter, you will be 26. So how 2016 treating you dear? Firstly, what are doing now? Pharmacist? I'm afraid not. Haha. Well, did you managed to get pharmacist tittle? I'm eager to know because I surely understand how hard did you survive your days with the hopeless pharmacy continuation study. Whatever you're doing now girl, put your pride first and do it because of Allah. What you're doing today is what you'll eat later.

Dear, if you're not in pharmacy, just so you know, I still respect you. I love what you'll be doing and I'm proud that you actually manage to survive those hurtful moments in your studies and career.

Remember this line, "Chin up, beautiful". It's your favourite line, is it?

How's family babe? They're doing good, aren't they? Mom still look good while mumbling? Hehe. You got any niece/nephew or not? I can't wait for 2016 to see them. They may be damn gorgeous, I wanna bring them shopping and go to playground like almost every evening and make they feel like the luckiest children in the world. And I hope you are not that busy to do that, remember working lady?

Haha, anddd are you driving Volkswagen New Beetle now? Wohooo. Please tell me that you are. I'll cry if I get to 2016 and find that its not. Jeezzzz.

Dear 26 years old lady, have you married? Are you still going out with Ameerul Ashraf? Don't tell me that you don't even remember his name babe. I'm dating him now and I hope this will last a lifetime. He's such a good guy, he treats me nicely. I love him. But he's 21 now and still can't get his ass out of DotA, I mean like all the time. Haha. But truth be told, it's hard because not everybody actually likes the idea of us going out. I hope future will change everything, and you know how to answer this.

Is your life okay dear? Tell me, how many shoes have you own now? Clothes? Handbags? Urghh, you exactly knew what we had planned right? Come on, we have to make it true. :p

Can we talk about friendship? Dolls. Are they still awesome? You still hanging out with them and planning holidays together? I can't imagine how Shushy will look like at 26, fat much huh? Hehe.

By the way, this is you in 2011. This may be the lame photo of you in 2016 but this is the coolest photo of you in 2011. Haha. Bear with this.

Dear, remember to always keep your feet on the ground. Put yourself first before others. Love yourself, respect yourself. I can't wait to turn to you. Do reply me ASAP. Tell me your condition with details. If you're not doing good, tell me as soon as possible, I wanna find a machine to stop the time. Take care.


The Past Me.


  1. HAHA. Nice. Six years upfront. I wonder how's mine.

  2. Sweet.. hope you r going to stay great as u r now when you r 26 and years ahead. i wonder what i'll be when im older.

  3. Dear Shushy and Faridah, thanks for reading. I wish you good luck in everything you do. xoxo.

  4. hi..just read this and got touched....this make me think about the past me....and frankly i dun really remember her...huhu...why didn't she write me a letter like this so i would remember her? hurmmm...but tengs to u for this idea...i should make one myself for my future me so she won't forget the present me...;)

    p/s: ur life 've been so great...and i'm sure ur future too...;)