Alya Qistina

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Family Rules

Since we are the girls that have been tought by our parents to always take a really good care of our prides, have a sturdy stand and grow up to be a girl with well discipline, we actually have had to go through such tough family rules.

Like, "You can go out with your friends only after SPM"

Or, "You want to go out with your friends? Who are they? How many are they? And bla bla bla"

And what's even worse is when "May I follow? At least you guys are secure."

Look, we are 20 dad!

But that are our parents. I thank God when my parents are not that strict, but STILL. They don't really allow me to go out at night and just befriend with really good friends. The quality good friends. How can I ensure that they have a quality that you guys need? Oh family rules.

We sometimes will have a problem when some of my friends can't really go out because their parents won't allow them to but we only have a limited time to gather. Since everybody is busy with our own life and works and the only way is that, cheating.

I mean white lie. But God is still mad at us. :(

And they are using me, like almost all the time!

They were going to tell their parents that, " Mama, Qistina wants to buy a new shoe. She wants me to accompany her, can I go with her? I pity her."

Or, " Umie, Qistina asked me to go to her house, she asked me to buy this shawl and now I wanna give it to her but can I stay there for a day? I wanna accompany her. She's all alone at her rented house."

And, my friend even had a cruel way to save herself from her parents and she was using me like, " Ibu, today is Qistina's birthday. She feels so sad since she has to go to work today and nobody gonna give her at least a time to break and birthday party."


What's so awkward was when my friend wanted to go for a date with her boyfriend and she told her mom that she was going to my house and she told me, " If my mum calls you, just say that I'm at your home."

But thanks to her mama, that she didn't called. I felt relief.

HAHA. We somehow talked about this when we gathered and realized how funny we were just to get to meet each others.

And what's not funny was, they were using me. I told them that their parents might have a bad impression towards me for always influencing their daughters.

Because seriously, I'd never lie to my parents about my activities. White lie? Sometimes. :p


  1. hahhhaha..."mama, this weekend Qistina invite me for a pillow talk at her house. can?" ala...lagipun dah lama xjumpa..rindulah..

  2. HAHA padahal qistina sokmo nipu sunat ko abe din. ;p

    lawa layout blog, simple but nice gila.

  3. Tumpang lalu.. my mom send you a regard to your mom. Asehh.. ;p

  4. they're just being protective as you think you're free, you think you're safe, you know you're not.. kot.