Alya Qistina

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Don't ever say harsh words

It was a boisterous situation when my younger sister was playing Plants vs Zombies game while my mum and I were watching The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate.

My sister was still a beginner of the game, still juvenile and she sometimes hesitated to buy a peashooter and ended up by buying another sunflower. I was sitting next to her and went like, "Buy that la, buy that first then the zombies will get slow in motion"

So sad, the zombies actually managed to get into the house and ate the brain. Haha.

I was like, "Bodoh la Zombie ni"

My sister continue playing then I accidentally spit out the bodoh word again. "Laaa, bodohla beli la peashooter dulu".

My mum suddenly gave me a creepy look. "Jangan cakap adik bodoh. Nak ke adik jadi bodoh?"

I said sorry and promised to not to do it again.

And it was my mum's turn playing her game. She's so addicted to Crystal Path game but we still lucky because we've never left hungrily. Hehe. Then I switched the TV channel to Akademi Fantasia concert.

I was laughing when Ogy Ahmad Daud was commenting the participant with an angry expression, I said, "Bodoh gila Ogy, haha kesian Nera".

My sister is actually a gullible child. She will just accept whatever people say. Haha. We were talking about one of the AF's contestant, Azri because Azri was actually an indie singer before participating himself in AF.

My sister asked me, "Kakak, dia nyanyi lagu apa?"

I replied, " Tak tahu lah".

"Cuba lah kakak nyanyi"

"Eyyy, tak tahu la bodoh"

My mum suddenly paused her game and gave me another creepy look. This one was creepier than before.

"Jangan cakap bodoh la. Berdosa mendoakan. Macam mana lah nanti bila dia ada anak, nak bodoh bodoh jugak ke?"

I said, "Nanti dah beranak takkan nak cakap macam tu".

My sister grinned exuberantly. Everybody's so mean.



  1. my mom dont gimme a creepy face,but a pinch on mY tummy.
    so no more bodoH from my mouth.HAHA

  2. hahahha :) jgn2 .... ikut cakap mak .. nanti kuat mencarut pula bila dah anak .. hehe mak awk bagi tips nak jaga anak tu . hadam baik2