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Monday, April 25, 2011

Alololo thomel thomel

God, I swear I've got melt easily when it comes to kids. Tell me who can resist these cute kids? I'm too brittle for them. They are laughing when you play with them and sometimes crying over simple small things like being dumped by busy cooking mommy. How cute is that, huh?

And this is Adam Riqzi. A second child of my cousin. He is a good boy, rarely crying and loves playing hide and seek. I will go after him and say Adaaammm and he will just smiles while drowning the saliva all over the place.

Adam's elder sister named Damia Hanna is such a lovely little girl. She loves coming to me and says, " Kakak, nak lipstick". And Adam seems so much give in and give away to her sister to win in ANY situations. Toys, food and even their own Ibu. Heessh. Their mum will always get migraine everyday. Hehe.

The funniest part is when Adam who loves to put himself in the middle of flipped over chairs' leg. And he will cry right after he finds that he can't pull himself out of it then. Adam's so cute, I even bited his arms and they turned red. Kesian Adam ni.

I missed him so bad. Doraemon, lend me your pintu suka hati, please.

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