Alya Qistina

Thursday, April 7, 2011

sick tummy

I've mentioned before in my previous entry that I'd suffer from UTI for years long. I don't have any idea why those bacterias love my urinary tract so much, they won't leave me. Stop loving me this much, can you?


I woke up at 6 am last Wednesday and found my stomach hurts badly and dyssuria a bit. I usually will drink a lot of plain water before I get to sleep. And I was fell asleep a night before that and I missed my dose of night drink.

See, I'm too dependent to water. You guys can imagine how I've been through the fasting months all these while.

I was scheduled to have a MUET test at 8 am and I had to be there at 7.30 am. With the pain in my stomach and I started to feel cramp on my abdominal body part. It was so uncomfortable you see. Having MUET with the hands kneading the tummy like non-stop?

I was exausted. My body was so weak. I went back home and having my soundly asleep. The bacterias might fell asleep too, I bet. HAHA.

I woke up and pampered myself with this





So heaven.

And this too

I was in fatigue and I couldn't move myself even to the bathroom. So I just let this friendly Chinese doing her job.

I still suffered from UTI, and I slept with the pain in stomach and stiff legs. Sigh.


  1. Pity you. There are other friends who suffer from this UTI too, and they are all very dependent to water just like you. Please bacteria, please leave my friends alone.

  2. Faridah, thanks for reading. I might know how they feel to bring at least a bottle of plain water whenever they go. Hehe. Thanks Faridah, may those bacterias feel guilty hearing your pray. :D

  3. amik MUET jugak ker?
    GUD LUCK yer!
    anddd may those bacteria STOP disturbing your day.. =D

  4. Ezy, such a nice friend you are. :)

    Amik MUET jugak ke? Thanks btw.