Alya Qistina

Friday, April 15, 2011

I know a place where the grass is really greener. :)

Finally I managed to get myself out of the freaking stressful-tired working days! Pheww. I'm sick of getting pressure of work. I was in the PMS mood lately, mood changes had really turned me out as a fierce lady like I didn't really felt like talking to others. And I got scolded by my family and boyfriend for that. That's so unfair. My boyfriend has never experience PMS, he doesn't really know what to feel for it. But I love him for who he is. Sweet much, huh?


Because I was born as a lucky young lady and I have my awesome friends who still love no matter how fierce I am, how bad I am sometimes, and they had invited me to go for a picnic with them. PICNIC? No way I could say no.

They said " You're really wanna go for a picnic at the waterfall with this blouse and handbag? You are in a wrong occasion lah"

I was like, "Fazura baru balik shooting tak sempat tukar". Everybody suddenly made a disgusted faces, as expected. As if I didn't felt disgusting towards them. Hehe.

I'd really fell in love with the waterfall. It was so wonderful and clean. I even saw a group of boys praying on the huge stone there.

It was funny when Kak Yuyu who was preparing for our food and she actually wrote our names on our polysthyrene glass so we could found it easily and no changes of glass would occur. Haha. And the others would said, no we don't have HIV, you don't have to worry if you drink by using mine. Duhh, lame joke guys. Hehe.

Swimming time.

It was so cold swimming in there and everybody was shivering right after that.

This was the funniest part because the model actually didn't really suit the message in the signboard, sorry. HAHA.

They are more than colleagues. They are my true friends who I wish to stay in the friendship with them for my whole life. Knowing them is such a bless for me. We'd really had a great time, didn't we? *cries*


  1. Epol, puji ke? Terima kasih. :)

    Hunny: Yes, pandai. :) Pernah pegi yea?