Alya Qistina

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Forever young

This wasn't intended to be a damn cute post. Haha. Forgive me, I'm being all jerk and annoying. But this kinda reminds me of my childhood times where I just need to wake up and ate. Watching these series of cartoons and slept back and sometimes having fun memorising their dialogs. Life's really easy. I clearly didn't had to squeeze my brain thinking of degree continuation study.

*gloomy mood suddenly*

*looking at the photo above and feeling happy back*

One day, when my boyfriend rang me on the phone, I picked up by saying "Eh Ooo".

He was laughing and shouted, "Teletubbies!"


And annoying, we are now using Teletubbies' language!

He was like, " I think Lala the yellow one suits you the best" and he will call me Lala instead of my name.

I was laughing when he tried to coax me by saying, "You look so yellow today, so cute, like Lala".

Haha, you funny man.

And I love you. :)


  1. HAHAHA, I'm laughing reding your comments.

    Faridah, thanks for reading. :)

    Anis Izyan, Po is short. Just like me. Hehehe.

  2. the red one is you laa, hahaha