Alya Qistina

Monday, May 23, 2011

UiTM dihatiku

God, I'm having a post-reunion fever. I got to sleep every night thinking about them. Waking up every morning and recalled our activities first before taking bath. Truth be told, I miss them already.

On our last reunion in Penang, going back to UiTM campus was like a mandatory activity for us.

Monday morning. Started the day by having breakfast together while playing game. Then got boo-ed by others for the game over.

This is Rab, my ex classmates slash ex housemates slash my-always-good listener.

Andd so UiTM-lover. Hehe. Rab, I wish you a warm Happy 21th birthday. I love you buddy.

Everything seemed to change a lot at UiTM after a year. It now has a new big hall, 3 new hostels and a new big library. I felt kinda dissapointed for not be able to get inside each of those new buildings. Because they were so cool with purple and yellow paint combination colour. Haha. Bad taste all the way.

We've got a chance to meet our coolest lecturer, Mr Ezani. And he's changed a lot too. Much less having the same changes proportionally with UiTM buildings. Hehe.

See, Mr Ezani is now a skinnier-tall-handsome guy. And he will pursue a PhD at New Zealand. A complete package man, but yes, he's obviously taken.

So this is Laman Perdana of UiTM Pinang Pinang. A centre place of everything, including eye-ing handsome Mechy's students. LOL. I'm kidding.

Thanks buddies, I'm so thankful to Allah for letting me know such great friends like you guys. My teenange life would never be this awesome. Thank you. :)


  1. "including eye-ing handsome Mechy's students"

    sounds noty. erkk..

  2. reunion yg best..
    anyway, your dressing is nice..

    i like it..

  3. cool la korg! anyway sir ezani's taken??? seriously??