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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Weak week

While everybody is being busy thinking where to shop or where to eat or how the new OOTD poses should be, here I am in my little room being so busy living my dull life.

(Mid term exams for April and May. Blue marks indicate exams)

Having numerous tests in a month is normal. But it was abnormal this month, where I had some uninvited 'test' coming from I-don't-know-where-who-asked-you-to-come? like period cramp (double Panadol doses this month - which I actually trying hard to avoid. Ahhh I hate it to take painkillers for period. I don't need extra toxics to my body), also diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration and mild fever.

I cried once. Then I had no more energy to cry. Also, crying is for weak, so I thought, "Let's just sleep".

I tried to eat for energy, but my abdomen kept rejecting the foods so I vomited. My body hated water so much so I had diarrhea also. I was really weak. My body felt like drying out of water. I drank some plain water to counter the loss, then I threw up again.

I ate bread, I threw up. I took medicines, I threw up.

My head hurt so much.

The moment when I was about to lie down to the bed, there came a rush of rejected foods coming up from stomach impatiently wanting to go out, forcing me to run to the toilet.

One minute I was crawling to get my water bottle, the next minute I was sitting in the toilet clearing my stomach.

I remember I was shaking when holding the test tubes during my lab test.


I didn't want to sound so manja, so I didn't skip classes, I tried to pay attention to the lectures, I walked 15 minutes to school, I tried to move to the kitchen, I tried to clear the room up.

After all, I'm not a robot. I have limits. I'm also susceptible to disease cause I'm obviously not immune to everything.

Being ill once in a while is good. Because Allah loves me, He wants me to be strong. Yeaa yeaaah medicinally it builds up our immune system. Those antigen-antibody must work also once in a while.

But this may not be that rough. I was imagining to have the same exact situations with 3 4 kids around you wanted to be nursed and cry for foods.

Hahaha must be a headache. So this may be nothing.

p/s: Didn't tell my parents. Didn't want them to worry. Plus, I'm ok now. :)

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