Alya Qistina

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Wherever I go now, everyone will ask me when I'll be going to Egypt. Second question is, are you prepared enough? Then they will say, Egyptians will wear veil and jubah. And, the weather there is hot, two times to us. 

Same. Things. Ever. 

But I thank them. At least they keep reminding them about the environment there. How tough the condition will be. How strong should I be. Truth be told, I'm half ready. 

And I make sure that I'm getting used to certain things like time, temperature and many things more so when I reach there, I won't feel so awkward. 


So everytime when I look to my cellphone for time, I'll automatically can see what's the time in Egypt. And I'll start wondering what I'll be doing then. Haha.

Yes, dictionary. Very very important. This dictionary was provided by AQM during our orientation programme.

And everything is almost done. I'm readyy! :)

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