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Monday, September 17, 2012

Palazzo pant and flying fox

When they told us about the tentative of my orientation programme, I was like, wow, flying fox. Must be really fun. Never tried it before so this was really my first time.

I'm not afraid of height but I'm afraid of death and I believe that the higher you climb, the higher the tendency of you falling down, getting hurt and higher possibility of dying. Seriously, my most stupid hypothesis. But well, blame my science subject because it taught me to predict.

And it's not about height now. It's a about my pant. 

I wasn't told about my schedule of flying fox turn, so I wore palazzo pant on that evening. Flying fox and palazzo pant are surely can never get along to each other. 

This was what they call ukhuwah. Luckily, my friends voluntarily tied my pant so I won't step on it. Thanks guys. I owe you my life. Hehe.

Yeah, fashion victim ever but I was safe.

It was fun, I swear. No matter how scary it would be at first, it would end up being the most satisfied thing cause you're doing it by your own, yes with the help of those safety equipment.

The most important thing is I'm still alive now! :)

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