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Monday, September 10, 2012


I broke off with Ameerul for 3 hours yesterday.

Very funny. 


We are 22 years old, please, but we're really acting like a child. Breaking up everytime we got into a fight. Haha. 

So I texted Shushy,

Me: The rain is crying with me.
Shushy: Hey wassup darling?
Me: He's not for me.
Shushy: Why? Did I missed something?

Few hours later..
Me: He's for me back. Bye.

Seriously, am I annoy you much? HAHA.

But don't worry, we made up 3 hours after that.

I texted Ameerul too.

Me: Thanks for everything.This wonderful 29 months. I can't never find your replacement bla bla bla... 3 to 4 long text messages. 

Ameerul: Cut the drama please. Don't want to waste our time while you're still in Malaysia. 

Me: (I know that. Hehe).

Well guys, I have LOADS of things to update. Am so excited. Raya with Ameerul and few things more. I've told you that I needed to attend this one orientation programme and I'll blog about that too. It was fun OMG.  But my skin is a little bit darker now. Orientation programme means you can't never choose the venue, so when it was being held near to the beach, you are expecting to say, Oh God, thanks to beach wind breeze, you tanned my skin. One of the preparation to Egypt, huh? Haha.

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