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Friday, September 14, 2012

Bawal revolution

I didn't really wear bawal headscarf since my diploma life. So when I went to KPJ Tawakkal for an interview, one of HR people told me, "We wear tudung bawal here. No Tudung Ekin or shawl like you wear"

"Haa? No shawl?"

"Yes, no shawl".

That's when I started to wear bawal headscarf again. But, only during my work shifts!

And now, everyone is in bawal headscarf back. I don't know what happened. Most of my friends wear plain colour of bawal headscarf. Everyone is so crazy with AidiJuma. Rita Rudaini went to the court wearing an adorable bawal headscarf. Datin Juma looks so stunning in simple plain bawal headscarf.

Why guys?

So I tried wearing bawal headscarf again. Tell you what, I'm addicted to AidiJuma now. 

I have more shawls compared to bawal headscarf. And I actually wear turban too. So I think it's really good to have more collection of shawls cause they function more than just a simple headscarf. They can be your body hugging blanket in cold environment or maybe just a simple head cover.

But I just can't resist the gorgeous temptation of AidiJuma's collection, so I think I must get myself some. 

My name is Qistina and I'm a fashion crime. Hahaha.

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