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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Anak Mithali

You know what, in our closing ceremony of our orientation programme, they had this session which they would called some students and awarded them with "Anugerah Tokoh Kepimpinan Pelajar". They had selected 18 students out of 300+ of all. 

So, Iffni and I, as always was talking to each other and laughing and giggling, then suddenly I heard my name  was called. Like what? I didn't dare to ask Iffni to slap my face and got me back to reality, but I carried my ass off to the stage. Very funny, I know. 

I didn't know how they did it. 

Iffni said, "Hey, it that really you that they just called? Wow HAHAHHA"

Shushy said, "Yeah, must be based on height"

Fayyad, my senior said, "Maybe because you're really old among all. HAHA"

Wani, my new coursemate, "I was shocked when they called your name. You? Tokoh? HAHAHA"

Not funny, guys. 

I got this book. So I showed to Ameerul. He laughed. He said, "Sesuai la dengan you. Learn from that book okay?"

Seriously, these people. I'm already a good daughter, kan? :)

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