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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tanned skin

I've mentioned before about the location of my orientation programme. Yes, near to the beach. But it never crossed my mind that my skin would change one tone darker. Haha very funny. Well, it's not actually. On the 5th day there, when I looked into the mirror, I felt something different with my face but I just couldn't tell what. 

My face looked pale, a lil bit hollow and my eyes were about to come out from their sockets and eyebags of course. So I thought, I must be lacking of sleep, maybe.

Ameerul picked me up (it was another story. It wasn't him who were supposed to show up. He said he was in Penang and he asked Aiman, his brother to help him picking me up. So I thought Aiman would come taking me, well, it's not Aiman, it's Ameerul. Oh you liar. Surprise ha ha ha! They were manipulating me, but seriously, they were forgiven, I was happy then).

So, Ameerul told me, "You're darker now. Hahaha. Serve you right".

I stared at him for a while. Yes! Skin tone. I was a lil bit darker and that had changed my face.

I was like, "But I'm still brighter than you".

Him, "I'm a man. Well, no one wants you after this. You just imagine, this is only Morib, when you're in Egypt soon, 5 years there, how your skin tone will be?"

He's such an evil, wasn't he? Sigh..

Well, he's right. Until I'm writing this post, my skin tone is still the same and face moisturizer doesn't help at all.

This picture. This is the point when my skin tone was about to change. Thank God that I was thinking to capture a picture at this particular moment. A new chapter of my skin tone revolution. Hi sawo matang. Goodbye kuning langsat.

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