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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another one year

So today is Ameerul's birthday. That man is getting older. Booo! But pity him that this whole week is such a challenge to him, busiest week ever. Test after test, presentation after presentation. Phew.

So boy, I wish you a very great happy birthday. May Allah bless you always. Allah has made your life perfectly, so just be grateful on whatever he has given to you. One thing, remember Him, then He will always remember you. :)

And boy, I wish you for a better life. We are getting older, we have commitments. Please, don't put yourself in stress conditions. Be cool and work hard. Take care of yourself when I'm not here. Don't forget to set alarm on your phone so you won't be late for classes cause I won't be here waking you up for classes anymore. Take your meals on time. 

If you stay up late at night, don't forget to wear sweater so you won't get cold and flu. The most important thing is, don't forget to comb your hair, okay? HAHA

Now I sound like a mom.  K. 

I'm happy for you of what you have achieved so far. Your family, friends and ehemm me. Hehe. So now, just keep calm and work hard for your future.


P/s: 5 years may seems so long, but let's just fill it with working hard for future. Shall we? :)

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