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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Orientation programme

I needed to go to Pantai Morib for an orientation programme. A week of an orientation programme. A week. 

I first thought that it was the long one. I mean, 1 week there, what we're really going to do? I knew I would faced some sleepless night, tight packed schedule, I knew no one there except Iffni and countless talk that I needed to listen to. Normal perception of orientation so far.

But seriously, this one's different. My first super cool orientation programme ever. God, I'm pathetic. I only found the cool one after 22 years. Haha. 

300+ participants. But it's really okay. Everyone's okay. The facilitators were really great. And the hotel room was really okay. Haha.

But we turned it to be this bad. Sorry, this was happened when I tried to be punctual.

One thing that they emphasized, it's about a relationship between us. They said, ukhuwah is very important, cause apparently we have nobody there. Just us students. We're like a family there. Oh God, I've found my mom, hello Iffni Suraya. :)

Truth be told, I heard a lot of people saying on how hard it is to survive in Egypt. Patient is a key.

*shed tears*

Well, this is what I choose. Everytime I ask Ameerul about my decision of going there, he'll say, believe in your heart. You are chasing your dream.

Yes, I am so all I've ever needed now is to be strong.

At least I have Iffni with me.

Iffni's funny. One time when we were listening to a talk about the daily life/routine in Egypt, they said, Egypt has this one animal called lamar. I'm not sure what lamar is. Camel maybe. Donkey maybe. So I whispered to her, "Khloe and Lamar" maybe.


We sat beside each other in almost all talks. She's so funny and always came out with crazy jokes so I couldn't help giggling then. Please, don't do this in our class soon. Hahaha.

Seriously, I need to grow up. :p

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