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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Adam turns 4

 Adam, 1 and MamaQis, 21 y/o

3 years ago when Adam was still under control, I could lift and kiss him whenever I want, the only thing that he could do was scream as a sign for me to stop doing that.

Okay now as he grows up to an active little cheeky boy, he obviously learns new things to avoid the clingy me. Of course, screaming is still his best speciality haha besides being so talkative and he seems to know so much words at his age. So now it's like a wheel where I used to be at the top of him and now I'm at the opposite site. I have to give in so much.

He's so strong now and starting to lift his hands up on me whenever I tease him with a bad joke, I even had to hide from him under the pillow. And what's funny he's the one who will be sulking and asking for some attention.

He's definitely like the baby me. Hahaha.

Babies are cute. Whatever they do, you can't stay mad for so long. They are so lovely and are going to be missed. At the end, you will find yourself laughing over those sweet little things.

Happy birthday adik. Miss you and Mia so much. 

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