Alya Qistina

Monday, October 22, 2012

Strawberry chocolate


Should be relax, waking up late, 30 minutes shower, lying down on the bed reading fav Shopaholic series, watching Keluarga Iskandar on Youtube.

But it was ended up by a Cell Biology replacement class.


So okay, I was flexible. Bring it on.

But I rewarded myself with a smoothie haha.

Okay, you can choose whatever you want. And as an Arabic failure, I'll just show him whatever drink that I want and pay. Urghh. I don't know how long this ayam-itik conversation would stand. Well, as long as I'm full, that's not the main point anymore. Hah!

Strawberry chocolate smoothie. Love the taste of the sweetness of chocolate was covered by a little bit of sour taste from the strawberry. Such a perfect combination. Enough to make my Sunday.