Alya Qistina

Monday, October 8, 2012


8 hours on the plane. 5 hours transit in Kuwait. 2 hours journey to Cairo. 24 hours crying. Seriously, I cried a lot on the plane. Immersed my face into the shawl that I put on my head and sobbing non-stop. And I got an attention of a person who sat next to me. She asked me then, "Are you okay?". I said, "I'm sad. Don't you feel sad?"

Pffft. I hate myself. When I still want to be friendly even though I was not in the good mood. And I looked like stupid then when asking such stupid question. Never mind then. My sadness took its tool on me. 

(That girl is now my classmate and we are okay).

You know, I shed tears almost all the time. Didn't care how big the eyebags would came next. 

Anyhow, I tried to motivate myself that I come here to study. Pharmacist, yes. Pharmacist, yes. Then I cried again. Oh pleaseeee. A lot of dramas.

And sitting for hours in a plane actually bored me. I was thinking about Mini Shopaholic novel that Shushy has promised to give me, but she never give me, Janji Melayu ever. Then I remember about Shushy, how close we were and I sobbed again. Haaah, so fragile then.

Okay. This is Suez Canal. Godddd, very beautiful view. And someone told me that long, small white dots were the ships. Oh right, History subject, Form 2. Right. Now I knew.

Egypt. Pastel buildings' colour. Sandy. Dusty. One week here and I still got cough.

My ex diploma coursemate, Rab, she told me to be good here, to study well here, bla bla bla heheh and I was touched when she said, always be careful of what you say and do. This is bumi barakah. She made me ponder for minutes. She's right. I should behave. You can't find wacky Qistina in Egypt, but honestly, I'm in the process of being a good person. I learn new things every day. So yes, please guy, just pray for my best. 


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