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Monday, October 15, 2012


I've told you, I had 2 weeks of non-stop cough, thick sputum, flu and cold. I thought I was immune enough! Sigh.

I woke up everyday with a very dry throat, I drank 2 litres of plain water everyday, 2 packets of Strepsils but why it just wouldn't wanted to go away?!

So I thought of self-medication. Went to the nearest pharmacy and asked for a cough syrup.

Me: Do you have a cough syrup?

Pharmacist: What?

Me: Cough. (rubbing my throat)

Pharmacist: Yes. Sputum?

Me: Yes.

Paid to the cashier which was him himself. No other one who helped him. 

Me: How to take this? Recommended dose for 22 years old?

Pharmacist: 10 ml 3 times.

Me: (How did you passed your social pharmacy paper?!)

Such an ayam-itik conversation. Cause most of them can't really speak in English and they don't even understand that. So, no other choice, we need to learn to speak in Arabic. 

Posted this picture on my Twitter, having a comment from one of my friends, "Macam kedai ubat Cina". Hehehe. But pharmacies here make a lot of money, seriously.

This was what I got. Contain only small amount of sedative but it got me sleeping the whole day then. But I stopped couple of days after taking this, cause my cough didn't go away and I wasted my days just by sleeping. No thanks bro, I'd got more to do.

By the way, you knew what I've found?

No more tangles? Yes, pleaseeee. I'd really need something that can help me repairing my damaged hair. Someone told me, "Air sini kotor. Keras.". Hmm keras, whatever but it's true. My hair's keras and my clothes are also keras. Please man, I don't want to go back to Malaysia after 5 years with bald hair.

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