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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Packing and leaving

I don't want to go back to this time again. It was such an awful moment, choosing what clothes to bring, folded them and arranged them neatly. And thinking how was I going to bring all of these?

Because I needed to take 2 flights on that day of departure. First flight from Kelantan to KL and KL to Egypt. So it meant my bags needed to be weighted 2 times. Dad said, "No extra kilos. Just bring important things". Hellllo, Kuwait Airlines only allows 30 kilos. How was I supposed to start a new life here with only 30 kg?! Oh man.


Messy, I know. But that's not the point. I had to leave half of my clothes and bring only the important ones. Hello, maxi dresses were important actually. I mean what's the point of checking ThePopLook's website every 10 minutes just to make sure the stock were in so you won't missed buying it, then found out that you had to leave the dresses in Malaysia and only come back next year?!

Well, that's what I faced. I said to Ameerul, "I'm frustrated. I have to leave many of my fav clothes. And some of them, I never wear them. You know, my heart sinks and I shed tears when I put my red pant into the cupboard".

Ameerul replied, "Can you just be normal?"

Man never understand.

And I said to mom, "This one, I never wear this, I will be sad if you wear this first." (Cause mom and I share the same size).

Well you know, I repacked my luggage almost 6 times but it still overweight. You know how we measured it? This...

Yes this hahaha. But this one's accurate. Then I gave up, I said to mom, "I don't want to go to Egypt". Mom said, "We can do this". She repacked it then.

And yes, some dramas at the airport. I told my mom to not cry.

Adik Ejah who refused to be in my arm at first. She might not know how far Egypt was. I miss everyone in Malaysia now. 

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