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Monday, November 12, 2012

22nd birthday

What group is 22 years old person fall into? Adult? 

Right. I'm an adult now, officially. Should behave nicely. Should know how to cook. Should know how to do households perfectly. Shouldn't jump on the the bed anymore. 

And should make more serious face in the picture. 

But we're just refused to grow up!

Iffni said, "Let's take some pictures of me feeding you your birthday cake, "tag" Tawakkal people on Facebook". Ah, so rindu mann!

But our pictures turned out annoying.

So okay, it was 6 pm in Egypt (12 am in Malaysia, so they sang me birthday song out loud by the roadside. I was like, "Come on, stop it, shut up, you guys are disgusting. Embarrassing".

Birthday song, 22 years old. Euw. And those 5 lovely people treated me a slice of chocolate cake. Thank youuuu. :)

Err, yes. Just one slice. But, really, I don't mind. But maybe with a pair of Charles&Keith shoes, by any chance, guys? Okay bye.

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