Alya Qistina

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Which one now?

Despite of all chaos and political issue in Egypt, I still want to go there.

It's kinda break my heart seeing how my lovely people begging me to not to go there and continue with my studies here in Malaysia. It really bothers me. It puts me in guilty some more.

The situation is like I was having 2 kids, one of them is in Malaysia, the other one is in Egypt, but both of them are desperately need me to breastfeed them. I couldn't split my body to just satisfy what they want. Okay, you got it?


Listen, my people.

I'm chasing my dreams. And trust me, Egypt is safe. (Hopefully). I've just started with my degree and I'm adapting myself really well there. It's so sayang to just let it go.

Life must go on, guys.

Or at least just bear for 4 years more.

Okay, I don't know now.

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