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Sunday, April 21, 2013

All white

Going all plain and white. 

Phewww, it is less than 1 month to my final exams. I've done with almost all of my midterm exams (which are my carry marks), and alhamdulillah, everything is okay. 

 Really, this is exhausting. I had tests in every week. Like non-stop. Tests after tests. My brain is going to explode at any time. This is my tough journey in becoming a pharmacist.

 Cause you see, I need to take 7 subjects throughout this semester, ALL 7 subjects need me to memorize them. Like in Chemistry, I should actually be able to draw Paracetamol structure. Fine. And what about Benzene? Aniline? Sulphanilamide? I'm sorry to scare you haha.

Yes, I have Pharmacognosy too. I study about Cinnamon, its structure, origin, what should I expect to see under a microscope?

No wonder, they say pharmacy is the second toughest subject in the world. Well, after Medicine.

So I think that I have given all my best in midterm exams and the results were out. So I texted my dad with 2 long messages, happily telling him all my results, and he said, "Bagusnyaa..."

One word. Only.

Just like that? Hahaha daddy is so not romantic!

So okay, I am positive with these. I still laugh like a retarded donkey, eat as much as I can like a king, going on Youtube for Big Bang and Running Man, well, my life is still normal. It's just that, 24 hours is not enough!

Good news by the way, Ameerul just has done with his diploma. Wohooo!

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