Alya Qistina

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I am really happy with this invention. I may want to see the person who are the founder of this WeChat just to congratulate him, and a gratitude of course. It is amazing. More like a walkie-talkie actually, but with few advantages more. 

For a lazy, no I mean, busy student like me, I don't really get the chance to switch on my laptop everyday and get online properly, no. Once weekly, yes. So I've got my notifications from Facebook, Twitter  and email from my phone. 

Plus you can blog from cellphone now. 

And I rarely use Skype. So I sometimes may have some difficulties in logging in into Skype after few trial for passwords. I have so many passwords like every password is so different to the one that I have on my Facebook, Twitter or Blogger. 

Hahaha. And each one is so ridiculous you can't imagine what kind of password is that.

And I'm giving up log in. 

But thank youuuuu WeChat. Log in is so simple, fast and I love how your conversations are recorded. Like the one in Viber and Whatsapp, but this one is in a voice type. Adorable invention. 

And video call too..

Gosh. I love this app. Seriously.

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