Alya Qistina

Friday, April 12, 2013

3 years

Last 1st April has marked our 3rd anniversary. 3 years of knowing Ameerul, after numerous fights and laugh and all, it's just so fast. Really. Time flies. 

"Hey, it is 1st April"

"Yeahhh, our 3rd anniversary!"

"Yeayy, you know, last 3 years, this boy came approached me and gave me a rose"

"Lol, it's an April Fool"

"You, fool!"

His jokes, sometimes.... urghh!

Hmm, 3 years... romantic moments ruined in time. Haha.

And he keeps complaining about me not blogging about him anymore. 

"When are you going to update your blog? Same post everyday."

"I'm so busy. Few tests in this week".

"Aaaaaa blog about me!"

"I'm gonna delete my blog"

"Aaaaaa blog about me first".

Haha. Pening!

(Our first date 3 years ago).

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