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Monday, April 22, 2013

New baby

I heard people say, wearing contact lenses will reduce your eye power. So I've been using contact lenses since I was 16. And my power increases to +3.75 for each instead. Now I don't know which one is true. 

Since the powers have increased, so my old spectacle can't anymore detect anything in the distance more than 100 meter, so I've made myself a new one. I wasn't plan anything, it was too fast, I tried the spec for fun and I said, "I want this". I wasn't sure if I said it with my conscious. Maybe, half.

Leaving the shop, Kiena said, "Qis, Masyaallah, pantang masuk kedai semua nak beli".

So that's why I come out with a reason that my power has increased. *wink.


I know this one is too large for me but it is intended to be so. One  lecturer asked me, "Is that really your glass?". So I said, yes. And she laugh. Haha.

I'm actually wearing contact lenses to school since I was 16 and until now. It's like I cannot go anywhere without contact lenses. That are my eyes cause I'm not really comfortable wearing spectacles outside. Plus, it makes my face looks so small. People will look at me like I am that kind of 8 years old genius kid with a pink-frame spectacles, with high power some more. Hahaha.

And I am much more comfortable wearing glasses just at home. 

The old one.

So now I have two specs. I have triple eyes now. 

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