Alya Qistina

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Colourful abaya

Right, we are approaching to summer. Which I'm so excited about! I'm starting to put my winter coat away to the very corner of my cupboard, sign of "I don't need you anymore, wohooo - it's the time to wear my colourful blouses back!"

Haha, very annoying this little girl.

Well they say summer here can be so hot, like you're being fried in a hot pan, every inch of your body is sweating, you're about to cry cause one fan is never get enough.


Sound not fun.

We are now on an early spring, so I'm thinking to get myself adapting to the summer soon, which I will wear abaya more often to school these days. Hahaha. And my uniform for summer will only be jeans and jeans and jeans. Maybe it's the time for my abayas to join my unwanted winter coats.

By the way, if you guys are interested in buying these kinds of abayas, I'm really free to take your orders. :)


  1. more matured i guess. -.-" i mish you boo

  2. qistina. saya dah lame tggu awk update blog awk. rindunya nk tgk coretan comel awk. hehe
    qis, how mcuh abaya there? murah ke same je price dkt malaysia.

  3. sy suke yg warna kuning tu...npk kiut...♡