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Friday, March 22, 2013

Bad boy

I have a confession. I am into Kpop now.


Seriously, yes.


Really. So I've downloaded some Big Bang's songs and listen to them over and over again, and even practising their dance steps. Sigh, this girl is very easily influenced. I really blame Wani on all of these. She taught me everything about these stuffs, even calling me at 7 am just to ask me to open this Kpop website.


Very annoying. Haha.

So I declare myself as a big fan of Big Bang now. I am serious. I love G-Dragon. I told this to Ameerul, and he was like, "GD is not that cute. I think I'm cuter".

Oh duh, I smell a jealousy here. Haha.

So now I'm still practising one of Big Bang's dance steps on a Bad Boy song.

These are what I know so far...

Still learning how to make <3 hehehe="">

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