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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Going peplum

I don't really own many peplum, but I seriously adore this invention. Like you have that sort of beautiful flowing thing right under your curved blouse. Very nice. I love the idea how it can make you look a lil bit thin and contrarily I'm not going to look too skinny though.

 So I thought of having one cupboard of peplum blouse when I'm pregnant later. And I'm praying hard that this style will never goes out of time.

And I bought one here... (In case I will get fat, no one knows, lol)

And of course, there's a drama behind this. I was on my queue to the cashier counter with 3 clothes on my hand and my attention was distracted by a huge board showing those models wearing new arrivals, I was amazed by the way they had been dressed up, it was beautiful, (new arrivals will always amaze you, I swear, and you thought they were new ideas, which were actually not! Pfft.).

My friends were waiting for me to pay what I've bought, but I disappear when my turn was up. You know where I went?

I went searching for the peplum top that the model wore!

Wani istighfar few times when she saw me holding another new top to buy.

I istighfar too when I handed the cashier money. I was even tear up, you see.

I'm broke for the whole month then! My idea of having a cupboard of peplums is needed to be revised.


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