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Thursday, December 31, 2015

unlicensed surgeon

I was a 30-seconds surgeon two days ago.


I had a dental appointment last week. It went so smooth, I even played Fruit Bump while waiting for my turn and passed quite a lot of levels.

My dentist seemed to take all these dental things so seriously that he decided to put all sort of metals in my mouth. Last month he put a thing call nance on my palate, now he puts the same thing on the lower side of my mouth. It doesn't hurt, but when the metal that is wrapping my tooth keeps pressing my gum, well that makes it hurt!

I took it off! I'm so gonna pretend like it comes off naturally. Dr Mahmoud will buy my lies, he's cool like that. Or else, I can't eat for the rest of the month!

And he put some rubber that attached to my two-distant teeth to pull them together. This is painful! My gum is too old for this. My gum couldn't cooperate much, so I'm struggling so hard to bear the pain. Of course, I can't really eat. In fact, I can't even clench my own teeth.

So now I have two different kind of pain. One comes from the additional nance that keeps pressing on my tiny gum. And the other comes from the rubber that tries to pull my teeth closer to each other.

To make it more dramatic, some ulcers suddenly grew.

What I ate for the first 3 days was a porridge. Boring!

I, seriously can't wait to end all of this.

So what happened was, my wire accidentally came off (I swear it just came off naturally, not me doing that this time hehe) and I didn't know how that happened, that wire was embedded inside my gum! For days! Without even me realized it!

Oh damn. I swear that hurt a lot. Massively. But stupid and innocent me just thought that that was a normal braces pain. Cause I just got my braces fixed 2 days before that. So I purely thought that this might be a normal process. And it's okay I could hold the pain. (But sometimes I was so mad at I-don't-know I just closed my eyes really tight I could feel my eyes hot with tears but the tears didn't come out, probably it wasn't sad enough, just anger hahaha)

But 2 or 3 days after that the pain still continued I just wanted to see if there was any progress with my braces, I hold a small mirror right in front of my mouth, and I tried to search for the wire. Well, where was it?

"Oh god, is that the wire? Inside my gum?"

My gum was stabbed by a wire!

I panicked for a second. I was clueless. No wonder it hurt so much.

I tried to pull it from the gum with my bare hand, I failed.

I tried using a needle, not working.

I finally used a scissor, I clamped the end tip of a scissor in between the wire and slowly pulled it out. I could feel the wire moved inside my gum. NOT FUNNY BUT CREEPY!

Magically the pain just reduced by 70%. That's how I became a fake surgeon hahaha.

I felt like crying because the pain was finally reduced. And because I thought I was so strong to bear such pain.

I mean, how do you feel when there's a metal stabbed inside your gum? Is that comfortable to eat?

I felt like I bite on thorns!

And as I'm writing this, the pain caused by the rubber has reduced. I can even bite pizza now.

It's so fun actually to how your teeth progress. I always run my tongue at my teeth to check if they'd move closer or not.

It's been a week now and I think my tooth moves a few centimeters. Or half/quarter centimeters. Or just my hallucinations. Too excited for my teeth! Hahahaha

As Dr Mahmoud finished with the treatment, he showed me his three fingers and said, "See you again next three weeks".

Yeah, see you when I see you.

*continues checking for my teeth gap if they'd get closer*

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